You deserve a fulfilling life and a thriving business

I provide the security and structure to facilitate the healing process — so that you feel safe and supported to transform and grow.


Holding space for you to heal

Emotional trauma and limitations within your energetic system can lead to both health issues and recurring relationship challenges.

They can also make it hard for you to move forward in life, keeping you emotionally unstable, depressed, unhealthy and energetically depleted.

If you’re experiencing any of these, you will know how hard energetic dynamics can be to overcome. You may have tried several different methods only to be left feeling frustrated and discouraged.

The work I do can help you.

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The benefits of energetic recalibration


Energetic Limitations

We all have layers of conditioning and limitation that we’ve learned to tolerate and live with. These can keep us stuck, tired, unhealthy and depressed.




I can help you clear these layers and discover who you are without these limitations in your life. This will bring healing for you, your business and relationships.


Expand Your Potential

Clearing these limitations will liberate you to move forward and live a more fulfilling and comfortable life. It will free you to better access the highest potential of who you are.

Kathryn Harger

Energetic Recalibration & Environmental Balancing


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